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SKULL KIT containing durable polyurethane reproductions of all 17 skulls.
Price: $1,250.00 plus shipping. Price of all skulls if ordered separately would be $1,324.00. You save $74.00 by ordering the kit!

SK01 Domestic Dog
SK02 Mountain Lion
SK03 Horse
SK04 Black Bear
SK05 Opossum
SK06 Armadillo
SK07 Beaver
SK08 Woodchuck
SK09 Little Brown Bat
SK10 Coyote
SK11 Raccoon
SK12 Turkey
SK13 Python
SK14 Iguana
SK15 Snapping Turtle
SK16 White-tailed Deer
SK17 Jackrabbit

This Kit gives you everything you need to teach about the skulls of North American Mammals, Reptiles and Birds! A complete skull lab, designed to be used with the ANIMAL SKULLS Book.

Note: Skulls are also available individually, for those who may already have some of the skulls and wish to complete the series needed for the study guide. Contact us for individual prices, or check the Taxonomic List.


For Educational Teaching Kits complete with lesson plans, real bone specimens and fossils, visit

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